Ryan McLeod is an Alexandrian witch based in Victoria, Australia. He is passionate about helping grow his local Pagan community: in February of 2012 he co-founded the Queer Pagan Men Australia group on Facebook. This is a social group for queer men to come together and explore their unique spiritual experiences.

In 2014 Ryan also co-founded the Pagan Collective of Victoria, the state’s only not for profit Pagan community organisation, to help connect Australia’s diverse Pagan scene. Ryan is an organiser of The Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering, an annual Beltane celebration held in Central Victoria which has become the longest running event of its kind in the world.
Ryan also runs Australian-focused online discussion forum Witches of OZ, a local Pagan Pub Moot and in his free time makes and sells incense under the brand Incendium.
Ryan has walked the Pagan path for two decades. During this time he has mastered the art of creating ritual incense, oils and salves. Mcleod’s incense workshops have been a resounding success at the Australian Wiccan Conference and the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering.